Anxiety Management Group Taking Referrals

I, Barry Grant, along with two of my colleagues – Margaret Kiely and Cian Long – am currently looking for people who are interested in joining a therapeutic group aimed at managing anxiety.

As this group is at the pilot stage of development, we are currently only taking referrals from GPs.  This means that potential group members must contact their GP and ask to be referred on.  GPs can contact me (Barry) on 0876714259 or by emailing

Here is a brief outline of the details of the Managing Anxiety Therapeutic Group:

The programme is currently at its pilot stage. All referrals will initially be taken from GPs.

All persons referred will receive a one-hour one-to-one counselling session in order to assess their suitability for group therapy. There will be no cost for this session.

There are 8 sessions running at 90 minutes per session

There will be a nominal charge of €5.00 per session to members of the pilot group. This assists toward the cost of room rental, handouts etc.

We plan to run the group at the Waterford Cheshire Centre, John’s Hill.

The group will have no more than 12 members and will be facilitated by three counsellors at all times.

Each session will focus on the following three areas.

The following is an outline of the weekly sessions

Week 1:  Introductions and brief synopsis of the course. Introducing the ‘Care Plan’ concept.

Week 2:  ‘What is Anxiety?’ – Looking at causes of anxiety (fight or flight/survival instinct).

Week 3:  Benefits of ‘Self-care’ and the importance of regular relaxation exercises in relation to anxiety

Week 4:  What are our emotional needs, in relation to anxiety? This is based on the ‘Human Givens’ approach.

Week 5:  ‘Negative self-talk’ and ‘Negative automatic thoughts’ (NATS) and ‘de-sensitization’ and ‘exposure therapy’ a Cognitive Behaviour perspective.

Week 6:  The potential positive effects of ‘Detached Mindfulness’. Based on the Dr Tony Bates model.

Week 7:  Formulate individual care plan

Week 8:  An opportunity for questions and answers and feedback from members to facilitators