Waterford Addiction Counselling

Providing private addiction counselling services to Waterford City and the South East.  Call Barry – 0876714259.

Waterford City’s only out-of-hours service dealing specifically with addictive behaviours and substance misuse.

If you would prefer  telephone or video-chat counselling, I also provide that service through my other website: www.callacounsellor.ie

I have experience in dealing with a variety of addiction-related issues including, but not limited to:
Alcohol dependence/addiction
Illicit drug dependence/addiction (Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin)
Addiction/dependence to presciption drugs/medication
Addiction/dependence to solvents
Gambling addiction

I also provide counselling services for family members living with addiction, where there may often be issues relating to enabling of unhealthy behaviours and co-dependence.

While my main focus is on providing counselling services to persons who are engaging in (or are in recovery from) addictive behaviours – and their families – I am also happy to work with clients presenting with non-addiction related issues.  These may include:

Assertiveness Issues
Relationship Issues
Low Self Esteem
Anger Management

Many of the above issues can often co-exist with addiction issues and in some cases can be the cause of addictive or other unhealthy behaviours.


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